Thursday, 2 July 2015

Tales from the Trek #2

I joined Bob today on his 22nd day walking on the Trident Trek around the Welsh Coast.  The train dropped me off at Barmouth where today's leg started.  I soon met Bob and we got started on the first section - a pilgrimage to the National Trust's first property, Dinas Oleu.
Ready to trek.  Me and Bob ready to start.  NT support vehicle to take Bob's tent to tonight'scampsite.
We soon got to Dinas Oleu, and met Vicky and Simon, a young couple who were on the last day of their holiday.  The were very interested in the Trek and took a photo of us at the NT commemorative plaque.
The plaque recording the founding of the NT at its first property, Dinas Oleu, the Fortress of Light
Simon and Vicky - Supporting the Trident Trek

The path then took us over the Mawddach on the famous railway bridge.  We then passed Fairbourne and started the stiff climb up to the Blue Lake quarry.  On the way we met a group of volunteer walk leaders from South Staffordshire Walking for Health.  They'd come on the train for the day to check  out the route of a walk their were planning.
South Staffs Bilbrook Walking for Health volunteers
The Trident makes a great toasting fork..
The path took us to the ancient road that leads from Llynnau Cregennan (NT), passing a number of Bronze Age standing stones on it's lonely course over the mountain.  It was a strange feeling to think that people have been walking along this trackway for at least 3 or 4 thousand years.
One of the standing stones along the lonely route over the mountain. (John Pritchard)
On our way down to Llwyngwril, we met locals Carol and Josie, out for an afternoon stroll.  They looked a bit surprised when they saw us, then admitted that one had just said to the other "you'd be lucky if you see two people walking this way in a day".  They obviously didn't expect to meet a pair of mad men wielding a trident.
Carol and Josie
We eventually reached Llwyngwril and found a little shop which served us coffee and Welsh cakes.  We shook hands and I dashed to catch the train back, leaving Bob to continue with the remaining 520 miles.  Of course, we couldn't leave Llwyngwril, before saying hello to Gwril the giant, who made a pretty good impersonation of Neptune.
Gwril the Giant


  1. You need to come back and buy a map from Riverside Stores. That then shows where all the knitted items are including Moriania our Mermaid see would have looked magnificent with the Trident. Many thanks for your help in publicizing Llwyngwril Yarn Bombing project.

  2. Many thanks for your comment. Bob did meet Moriania on his way after I left him, but was too self-conscious to take a photo of her with the trident! Keep up the good work, meeting Gwril was such a pleasant and amusing surprise, which will make us remember Llwyngwril for a long time. Da Iawn Chi!