Sunday, 3 March 2013


Yep that’s me taking pictures!
I'm Moyrah Gall and recently started an digital media internship with the National Trust on the Welsh coastal project. I also work with the Rangers at in Pembrokeshire.
Until now Richard has regularly been updating things happening around the Welsh Coast, a rather daunting challenge for one, and my internship role will be to learn from and help Richard with this task and as the journey unfolds, share the experience.

But let me introduce myself properly, I have a number of career skills but mainly my background is documentary photography with an interest in the environment. I have a passion for the sea both on and under, and as a child sat glued to The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau at.
Oh yes to be an underwater photographer was my dream, alas it took a little longer but last year I achieved my diving ticket and took my first underwater images. 

At Stackpole it has been hands on in clearing the evasive plant Leycesteria Formosa, also known as Himalayan Nutmeg, Flowering Nutmeg, Pheasant Berry and Chocolate Berry. 
Rangers Alex and Jim at Stackpole explain it was first introduced as camouflage for Pheasant farms and although the flowers are attractive, in some environments the ease in which it grows overtakes and other plants suffer. However it seems it has got edible aspects see Himalayan Honeysuckle Berry Fig-style Rolls (vegan and gluten free) at

 South Broad Haven Beach

On the edge of Stackpole is South Broad Haven Beach. This magnificent stretch of sandy beach is ideal for the family, surfing or simply chilling. 

Park up at one of the National Trust car park (members park for free), either above the beach or at +Stackpole Estate from where its a pleasant walk through the 100 acres of lakes. Known as the lily ponds these lakes are plentiful of bird-life and present the opportunity to enjoy or photograph the resident otters.
Robin at Stackpole Estate: checking it out
Fishing is also available by licence: enquire at the centre for cost and seasonal availability. 

As the sun goes down enjoy sighting of the bat activity, both the lesser and greater horseshoe bats are breeding in the area. Stackpole bat walks are a must and come personally recommended.

Lily Ponds @Stackpole Estate

Not sure what an internship is, no problem; the National Trust website not only explains what an internship is but advertises other internship opportunities available @


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