Wednesday, 17 April 2013

It was. Bloody Nosed...because blood red liquid oozes...

Bloody-nosed Beetle

Timarcha tenebricosa

by Moyrah Gall

copyright Moyrah Gall
Bloody Nosed Beetle at Southwood

The answer to last weeks unidentified beetle found at National Trust's Southwood Estate which is located on the coastal route above Newgale in  North Pembrokeshire is the Bloody-nosed-Beetle
Did you know the bloody nosed beetle is so called because it oozes a blood-red liquid from its mouth which is really irritating if something is attempting to eat it. 
It moves really slow and although a line running down its back might suggesting that it has but, Timarcha tenbricosa has no wings at all to fly.

by Moyrah Gall

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