Thursday, 2 May 2013

Get started on the 50 things to do before you're 11¾ challenge

There are 56 National Trust places in Wales where you can do your 50 Things activities. 

And if you tried to do all the 50 Things possible at all these places then you would need to do 1,340 activities and that’s a lot to ask of even the most active child over one summer.
Throughout the year there will be special events organised around a 50 Things theme and this week you’ll be keen to try out some of the places in Wales that come out tops in the UK poll of places to do the 50 Things activities.

So to suggest six of the best: here is a list of top places to consider in starting to try out at least one activity.
    1. Cook on a campfire – Stackpole (How to get there and more information)
    2. Plant, it grow it, eat it – Tredegar House (How to get there and more information) 
    3. Go on a walk barefoot - Pembrokeshire, Strumble Head to Cardigan (How to get there and more information)
    4. Eat an apple straight from a tree – Llanerchaeron, Ceredigion Coast (How to get there and more information)
    5. Catch a crab - Plas Newydd, Anglesey/Ynys Mon (How to get there and more information)
    6. Go swimming in the sea - Llyn peninsula, North-West Wales (How to get there and more information) 

    Some of the things that are happening in some of the locations this weekend on the 4th and 5th May 

    Wild camping at Plas Newydd, Anglesey 
    Plas Newyd-things-to-see-and-do-events
    Construct a raft, fly a kite, go bug hunting and build a den.

    Tree Story Seed to Timber at Colby Woodland Garden, Pembrokeshire
    Build a den, climb a tree and find out about all kinds of wood and what it's used for.

    Wildlife Trails at Stackpole, Pembrokeshire
    Walks and family wildlife trails.Stackpole-things-to-see-and-do-events

    Where’s the best place in the UK to walk barefoot? - WALES of course
    In the top ten list of 50 Things activities the best place to take a barefoot walk in the UK is Strumble Head to Cardigan, Pembrokeshire, strumble-head-cardigan-things-to-see-and-do and the best place to cook on a campfire in the UK is at Stackpole Estate, Pembrokeshire. Stackpole-things-to-see-and-do-events
    And just to keep you in the picture. The 50 things website has loads of great information to help you tackle the 50 things adventures. Sign up online and receive:
    • Top tips and guidance for each activity
    • Secret challenges to unlock
    • Special rewards for the best explorers
    • The wild test will help you find out what sort of explorer you are
    • Your very own virtual explorer to guide you through the 50 things
    Get in there quick and your 50 things scrapbooks will be available free at more than 350 participating National Trust properties (subject to availability)

    So this year's get started on the 50 things to do before you're 11¾ challenge:
    1. Climb a tree
    2. Roll down a really big hill
    3. Camp out in the wild
    4. Build a den
    5. Skim a stone
    6. Run around in the rain
    7. Fly a kite
    8. Catch a fish with a net
    9. Eat an apple straight from a tree
    10. Play conkers
    11. Go on a really long bike ride
    12. Make a trail with sticks
    13. Make a mud pie
    14. Dam a stream
    15. Play in the snow
    16. Make a daisy chain
    17. Set up a snail race
    18. Create some wild art
    19. Play pooh sticks
    20. Jump over waves
    21. Pick blackberries growing in the wild
    22. Explore inside a tree
    23. Visit a farm
    24. Go on a walk barefoot
    25. Make a grass trumpet
    26. Hunt for fossils and bones
    27. Go star gazing
    28. Climb a huge hill
    29. Explore a cave
    30. Hold a scary beast
    31. Hunt for bugs
    32. Find some frogspawn
    33. Catch a falling leaf
    34. Track wild animals
    35. Discover what’s in a pond
    36. Make a home for a wild animal
    37. Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool
    38. Bring up a butterfly
    39. Catch a crab
    40.Go on a nature walk at night
    41. Plant it, grow it, eat it
    42. Go swimming in the sea
    43. Build a raft
    44. Go bird watching
    45. Find your way with a map and compass
    46. Try rock climbing
    47. Cook on a campfire
    48. Learn to ride a horse
    49. Find a geocache
    50. Canoe down a river

    by Moyrah Gall

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