Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Day 11: Gower's hidden coast. Tenby to Swansea

Kathryn and John, before our departure from Tenby
Another day, another hard-working NT coastal colleague wishing to join Sails Around Wales and view the coast they care for.  Unfortunately, Katherine, our Gower Ranger, was not in luck.  She joined us for breakfast after a very early start then we headed off into a thick mist.  Soon a fresh wind was made use of by hoisting the sails.  The next few hours sailing called for John's navigation skills as we were sailing blind, with no visual confirmation of his calculations.

As we sailed about 2 miles off Worm's Head, we were joined by a pod of about seven or eight dolphins, which broached, bow-rode and crossed under the boat at speed. These were quite different to the bottlenose dolphins we'd seen earlier in the trip.  They were much smaller, more dainty in appearance and were white underneath.  We initially thought that they were the rare striped dolphin, but later thought that they may have been common dolphins with juveniles.
As we pitched and rode the waves, I was sent below to stow anything loose.
A brief sighting of Port Eynon head confirmed our location and we headed for Mumbles.  The sea became increasingly choppy and Capercaillie was thrown about a bit, but we eventually picked up a mooring in the more sheltered waters of Mumbles.  We deposited Kathryn safely ashore, who was still cheerful despite a less than comfortable trip and not having seen any of the 26 miles of spectacular coastline that she helps look after on Gower.
Adieu, Katherine.  Being rowed ashore in Mumbles

Not wishing to spend the night on a rollercoaster mooring, we headed across the bay to Swansea marina, where the delights of warm showers and washing machines made up for a rather demanding day.

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