Monday, 8 June 2015

Day 2: Tide, time and dolphins - Trident safely delivered

The wind rose in the night and led to an uncomfortable anchorage alongside Ynys Seiriol.  I heroically delivered a live radio interview at 6:55am whilst trying to settle my stomach.  After a quick breakfast - which I'm pleased to say wasn't 'donated to Neptune' - we set sails and headed off in a brisk force 4-5, averaging 5.5 knots

The highlight of the trip so far awaited us as we rounded the Great Orme.  We were spotted by a pod of about a dozen bottlenose dolphins, who approached us to ride our bow wave, and performed spectacularly, leaping out of the water and crisscrossing the bows.

Five hours later we were standing on Greenfield dock slipway for photos and radio interviews: Bob proudly brandishing the trident; John casting anxious glances at the tide.  We'd already had to take some rapid decisions as we negotiated the shallow waters of the Dee estuary - including seeking the advice Mostyn Dock harbourmaster by phone -  which resulted in the change of landfall from Flint to the less risky Greenfield.  
John, Bob and Richard, at Greenfield.  Capercaille with Gaven on board in the distance
We knew we had minutes to spare before we missed the tide.  As soon as we were back onboard we weighed anchor and headed off only to ground on a sandbank half a mile down the estuary, by the more famous beached vessel, the rusting Duke of Lancaster at Aberkan.

  Ah well, time and tide wait for no man, not even the National Trust.  Log in tomorrow to see how we get on.
Nice place to park.  Waiting for the 4am tide.
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